Our sole tenet, as trusted legal advisers and counsel, is to constantly act in our clients’ best interests and in discharging this duty, that we hold sacrosanct, we constantly give independent, honest and timeous advice based on our expert knowledge of South African law and provide cautious but strong representation, both in and out of Court, of the highest excellence, integrity and professionalism.

We are a client centered law-firm and are as interested in our clients and what they do as they themselves are. We are therefore ever willing to learn and understand the value of our clients’ transactions, businesses, contracts and disputes so that we can protect them, enhance them, raise finances for them and when the time comes, zealously and aptly defend them.

Our workplace is an inclusive community where diversity is celebrated and professional development constantly promoted so that we are perpetually geared to realise success for our clients and through it, for ourselves. We support each other and collaborate as a team in constant pursuit of that success with liveliness, hard work, innovation, dynamism, entrepreneurial spirit and shared sacrifice for our common good.


› to be client focused

› to be performance driven

› to constantly uphold our clients’ best interests